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Star Spangled Bags Set

Star Spangled Bags Set

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Patriotic Bags Set

One set of regulation sized bags (4 bags)

The standard in bag technology.  Tried and true universal fabric and fill.  The most versatile bag combining two fabrics allowing you to adjust your throw to slide around your opponents, push, or block.  A true working class that will leave you fully satisfied.  A must have bag to keep within reach for all league, tournament, or pick games.

  • Hole friendly
  • Exclusive design
  • Superior materials and exceptional build quality


    Stick & Slide:

    • Side A - Woven (Fast Fabric)
    • Side B - Suede (Slow Fabric)

      Technical Specs

      • Regulation size
      • 6" x 6"
      • Radius corners
      • 16 oz each bag
      • Hand picked high level fabrics
      • Stick and slide dual fabric build design
      • Double stitched internal seam
      • Decorated with dye sublimation technology
      • Consistent all weather resin filled
      • Manufactured by dedicated and talented craftsmen
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